LE PRIUS is an innovative lifestyle brand from Marseille in the south of France. The lifestyle brand is founded 2015, then named Lavandière de Provence, by a business lawyer from Stockholm in Sweden, Ms. Jeanette Borgström (CEO), and a French biologist and sustainability expert, Mr. Cyril Gombert. Ms. Borgström has a huge passion for design and all that comes with beauty and high quality. Amazed by the French art of living, she wanted to build a lifestyle brand that breaks the old codes of the cosmetics industry in Provence and thereby create an exceptional brand that is the first of its kind to embrace modern minimalist design, the best ingredients of Provence and the joyful art of living of the south of France.
LE PRIUS is today owned by the two founders by their original company Lavandière de Provence SAS.


« I wanted to create a lifestyle brand that breaks the codes in the cosmetics industry. And with that a brand that embraces the modern minimalistic design, the finest ingredients from Provence and the joifull art of living in the south of France. » Jeanette Borgström, PDG LE PRIUS


M. Cyril Gombert is aware that limiting impacts on nature is no longer enough. Instead he is now in charge of a research and developement project in the company to find innovative solutions that makes LE PRIUS the first cosmetics and lifestyle brand with an positive impact on the nature.





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