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It was on the foothills of Sainte-Victoire on the Cézanne road which connects Aix-en Provence to Puyloubier, that we discovered a pearl of Aix viticulture. It was Jaqueline Guichot, owner of the Domaine who welcomed us. Not from the seraglio of viticulture, former pharmacist of the Paris region and woman, she does not tick the boxes of the typical winegrower and she has stood out in the world of secular tradition of viticulture.

Concerned about respecting the environment and health, it is towards biodynamics that Jacqueline has oriented her vineyard. Biodynamics, is a little-known cultivation method, which goes beyond organic, now in full swing. Indeed, if organic prohibits the use of chemical inputs (fertilizers, pesticides,) biodynamics also integrates the major cycles of life and considers the Earth as a whole, it therefore takes into account the fauna of the soil which enriches and aerates the earth, the astronomical cycles (rising moon, descending moon,…). It is a real return to the sources of the biological organization of Life, of its complex and perfect functioning, a harmony rediscovered in Humanity and Nature.


The result of this method of exploitation, exceptional wines, wines full of meaning, and which tell a beautiful story.

If the 3 colors are produced in red, white and rosé, in Prestige or Tradition cuvée, it is a more confidential cuvée that has caught our attention: the aptly named cuvée "Petite Folie-Rosé", the latter is aged in Dolia, large Terracotta jars that were used in ancient times by the Romans and Greeks. This is a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah with a touch of Semillon. A wine that develops multiple aromas, a lot of fullness and a good length in the mouth.


You will find these exceptional wines in restaurants in the Aix region, on the property or on the domain's e-shop at www.saint-ser.com.


Domaine Saint Ser

Route Cézanne

13114 Puyloubier


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