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Hello Laura, can you quickly introduce, describe your background and what brings you to the Kitchen with a capital C?

Good morning ! I have 15 years of experience in the hotel, service & catering industry. I worked in particular in pastry shops, bakeries & several starred restaurants. Filled with all these experiences I chose 2 years ago to offer my services as a home chef.


Cooking has evolved in recent years, what have been the significant changes for you and your way of cooking?


The cuisine is universal. We have a world rich in cultures, flavors, diverse culinary personalities ... We are learning all the time. To name 3 significant developments in my career, I would like to mention first of all having acquired a great experience with many chefs with very varied culinary personalities. Then by becoming a home chef, it allows me to express my personality and to always strive to be better. And thirdly by constantly adapting to my clients and the places where they are.


It's fall and many people already miss the abundance of summer fruits and vegetables? For you, is this season a challenge or a pleasure in the kitchen?

The two. A challenge to discover the richness of autumn and a real pleasure because I love change and live each season. For me it's a chance

What products do you prefer to work with in the fall? What fruits and vegetables and what types of dishes do you cook up this season?

Autumn vegetable I would say the parsnip still not very well known to all, in fruit I would say the apples there are so many interesting varieties.

During this period I like to concoct warming dishes with spices, sauces with meat juices and red wine, comforting shortbread pies ...

Finally, to make our mouth water, what fall recipe can you recommend that our readers can easily make at home?

To suit vegetarians, a velouté of sucrine de Berry with homemade butter. For carnivores add a nice piece of grilled bacon.

Remove the bark and seeds inside. Steam the flesh. Toast the seeds well in a pan with a base of oil like popcorn you should hear the bursting of the seeds.


First mix a cream rich in fat until you obtain butter. Drain and separate the whey from the butter.

Mix the sucrine de Berry flesh with the whey and fleur de sel.

For the dressing add your squash seeds, a knob of butter and enjoy with a good fresh country bread, toasted or in croutons!

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